Fleet Management

Sullivan's Advanced Auto Care provides extensive Fleet Maintenance Plans for businesses of all sizes.  These custom designed service packages remove the worry and expense of in-house vehicle maintenance.

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Call Pete to arrange a personal consultation where he will deliver a formal, detailed Fleet Maintenance Proposal.  If you desire, he will even review repair orders from your existing maintenance provider for an honest comparison.
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We can help manage your fleet costs with our Custom Reports, which contain "maintenance cost per mile" averages and more for each of your vehicles.   We'll even mail you Service Reminders at intervals defined be the schedule YOU choose.

Our Fleet Maintenance Plans are custom tailored to you and your business needs.   Our main objective is to reduce your maintenance headaches by preventing breakdowns while keeping an eye on cost.  We KNOW when a less expensive part will work and which ones aren't worth buying.

To find out how we can maximize your maintenance dollars, contact Pete Sullivan today at:

(281) 359-7222

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